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About Us

Checkpoint Professional products are designed and manufactured by people who know a little something about what it takes to put in a hard day’s work and the tools needed to keep going until the job is done, and done right.

With a combined work experience of almost 200 years, we’ve done just about all there is on a job site: Erecting steel racks, TIG welding warehouse equipment, general construction, carpentry, drywall work, electrical installation, plumbing, machining and mechanical assembly, carpet installation, painting, demolition, cabinetry and fixtures – where do you want us to stop?

Inspiration: Somewhere along the way came the inspiration to create a new family of tools that could help make doing a job a whole lot faster and easier than before. The tools themselves also had to be a whole lot better than anything else available. That’s why Checkpoint Professional products are the way they are. Extra effort has been put into the design and manufacture of every piece you see, from the aerospace-grade CNC-machined aluminum level bodies down to the fine details that take every one of our products to the next level – and beyond.

We're worth it: Checkpoint products may cost a little more than what you find in the tool department at one of those big-box hardware chains, but we’re definitely worth it. If we can help you do a job easier, better and faster, and if we can save you money while helping you earn a bigger paycheck, then we’ve done our job.

The rest is up to you.

Checkpoint Professional – We take quality to the next level.