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Privacy Policy

Your privacy as a Checkpoint customer is important to us. We collect only the information that is necessary to process your order and notify you of any changes to your order. We all have concerns about the security of financial information on the internet or anywhere else. If we weren't confident that your order and personal information could be handled safely, we wouldn't provide this service.

We use SSL to encrypt our web pages. SSL is the leading standard for encrypting and transmitting sensitive data over the web. When you see 'https' rather than 'http' in your browser address window, you are exchanging encrypted data with our server. This will prevent outsiders from obtaining any credit card information or personal data as it is sent to our servers.

Any information you enter is encrypted. If you are using Internet Explorer, look for the padlock next to the address bar if you are using the latest version. This lets you know that you are operating in a secure environment. If you use another browser (Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), please make sure you know how your secure encryption iconography works.

All this means you can safely enter your credit card number and personal information without fear of having it intercepted by anyone. Credit card numbers are stored only on our internal database which is not connected to the internet and is secure.

In addition, we don’t share your information with anyone. We use it only to process your order and if you let us, to inform you of some things you might be interested in.